Happy 420

Hello everyone and welcome to TotalHealthcareTHC.com

I cant express in words how excited I am to help Dr. Uma bring her vision to her supporters on the world wide web.

I was blessed with the opportunity to see Dr. Uma speak recently at an organized event at the TetraHydro Club put on by the NEVA group.

To be honest as much as I wanted to go to the event, it was out of my way after a long day on the road working, but I wanted to go and support the veterans. I found my self at the T.H.C. in R.I. having a great time, socializing with some amazing people and happy to be there.

As I was getting ready to leave due to the long ride home they brought on a guest speaker, I knew the name, but had never met her. It was Dr. Uma.

The Tetra club is a pretty big place, and although there where 20-30 people there it was hardly a full house.  I had no idea what her topic of discussion would be. She started talking and I was hooked, she had a passion about her that was crystal clear. She had honesty to her words, she simply spoke from the heart and easy to relate to every word that came out of her mouth. She spoke to the room as if she where talking to a sold out Madison square garden. You would have thought there where thousands in the room. At the end of her discussion she took questions and I was quick to ask, do you have a website ?? “I do, but I need help.” Now I knew why I was there.

I’m not a web genius, I haven’t built hundreds of websites. However I knew I could help. I have 15 years of marketing experience in both Music and Radio. I helped build and run a record label from the ground up. Did all the promotion and networking, I also was an employee at The Rock 106.9  WCCC in Hartford CT for four years. I worked on air as Father Fat Jono, helped as a producer for the afternoon show,  and even did some classical programing for the sister station Beethoven radio. I knew there was a lot I could bring to the table if she was interested.

I took some time to think about what I could do to help, why I wanted to help (Its not like I have free time) and why this was important to me. I expressed it to Dr. Uma and she agreed that I could help bring her visions and message to life on the Internet.

This is the first step.

Her website. We are bringing it to life. You will be able to come here for information, support, news and events.

I’m truly blessed and thankful to have crossed paths with such an amazing and inspirational woman.

Thanks for reading and hope you will return often.

Peace, weed and love

-Jonathan Osborne (Jono)