Dr. Uma’s Patient Support Groups

What do two retired police officers, a professional cook, military veterans, a horticulturist, activists, nurses, and a room full of people that span all kinds of careers have in common ?

The answer is a bit surprising, but if you happen to be at one of Dr. Uma’s Patient/Caregiver support groups the topic of discussion is none other than Marijuana.

As a medical patient myself and a regular user for quite some time, I really thought I had seen and heard everything that this miracle plant can do. However sitting in a room full of people from all walks of life that have all had their own success with treating their ailments and relieving symptoms that pharmaceutics wouldn’t touch is nothing short of spiritual.

What is this support group ? What happens at this event ? Is it discrete ? Will people respect my privacy ? How many people show up ?

These are just a few of the thoughts that ran through my mind when I received the invite.

The group is held at the VFW in Natick MA, right down the road from Dr. Uma’s practice. Upon arrival I was greeted with friendly faces and was welcomed without question. This of course put me right at ease. As people started to show up everyone gathered inside so the discussion could begin. Inside were chairs set up in a circle like manner with some tables set up in front. I had good vibes, but I was still a little nervous. As soon as the group started though my nerves where put to ease. One by one we went around the room and introduced ourselves. Its unreal to hear some of the stories when they are being told by the people that lived them. There was about fifty people in attendance. It is hard to describe but it seemed like one by one everyone was giving testimony about a miracle they had discovered, Marijuana. When a room full of people are talking about something that is helping them with m.s., aids, cancer, diabetes, parkinson’s, stress, depression, ptsd it is hard to deny the credibility of the plant.

The atmosphere is that of a family reunion, where people can come together for one cause. Where people can network with others and make connections and friends that will last a lifetime.

Dr. Uma’s Patient Support Groups are typically held monthly and are welcome to all.

I would recommend that anyone who is even slightly interested to come on down and check it out.