Putting CBD into perspective

THC, CBD, THCA as a medical patient in my 30’s who didn’t do all that well with science at school, this can be all a bit confusing. There are a lot of labels on these products found at medical and recreational dispensary’s. What does it all mean?  Today I want to focus on CBD (Cannabidiol)

CBD is one of at least 113 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis. Its considered to have a wide array of medical applications mostly due to clinical reports showing complete lack of side effects. One of the more noted advantages to CBD would be that it doesn’t include any psychoactive effects when taken alone. It includes strong anti-inflammatory effects and is known to aid in convulsions, anxiety, insomnia, neuropathic pain and ulcers.

As an experienced marijuana smoker, I have always found the best way to describe CBD to someone is that it’s like pain relief medicine without the narcotic feeling. I recently recommended to a friend that they try it to help with some anxiety. He had stopped smoking marijuana about ten years ago due to the paranoia feeling he experienced.  He was able to get some flower that was 18% CBD and 4% Thc. He found it to be relaxing and sedating without the feeling of getting high, he did note that it did make him tired. Overall, he found it to be helpful and has continued to use it.

Let’s talk about a couple key things, CBD with THC , CBD oil standalone products or CBD hemp products.

There are a lot of products on the market and a lot of confusion to go along with it.

Martin Lee, co-founder and Director of Project CBD, puts it like this “The whole effort to harness CBD from industrial hemp is fraught with challenges that are made more difficult by the fact that fiber hemp plants with high amounts of CBD by dry weight—like the ACDC cannabis strain—are not yet available for industrial grows.”

That’s because the normal ratio of CBD in what we here classify as hemp is only 3.5%, nothing to write home about, even though now cannabis strains can contain as much as 20% CBD with little to no THC found. So, the market is flooded with these products that are harvested from hemp that do not contain CBD-rich cannabis. I mention this because of what is known as the entourage effect. Many people believe that CBD works better with THC, Martin Lee points out “the best ratio of THC to CBD is often the most THC a person can comfortably handle.”

There are debates weather CBD rich cannabis or CBD from hemp is better, and there are a lot of factors in these debates. Dr. Uma is always quick to point out the lack of regulations in states with medical grows, let alone recreational grows. This is disturbing because of the amounts of pesticides and other chemicals that are used in these grow operations. How can the medicine possibly be beneficial if it was grown in poison?

There are plenty of hemp grows out there that are completely organic, and people are quick to argue that CBD is CBD, meaning 20mg of CBD rich cannabis or 20mg of CBD Hemp is still just 20mg’s of CBD once it hits our system. So, if you’re looking for something that does not include any psychoactive effects, you will want to find something with a low THC ratio. Before you buy any products look into the company and try to research how its manufactured, to many people trying to scam and burn you for your money.