Dr. Uma Dhanabalan


Promote Wellness; Prevent Illness ™️

Dr. Dhanabalan is a highly-respected physician trained in Family Medicine and Occupational & Environmental Medicine from Harvard Medical School.

She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians and a Diplomat Certified in Cannabinoid Medicine.

Dr. Dhanabalan is the Founder/CEO of Global Health & Hygiene Solutions, LLC whose mission is to promote wellness and prevent illness in the global and private sectors.

She currently practices at Uplifting Health & Wellness in Cambridge, MA.

She is dedicated to “Educating, Embracing, and Empowering” her patients while promoting cannabinoid medicine as a treatment option.

Dr. Dhanabalan believes that “Cannabis is an entrance to a better quality of life, an exit drug from pharmaceuticals, narcotics, alcohol and nicotine.”- Dr. Uma Dhanabalan.”™️